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WPF feature request: initializing object instances from style setters

Assume that you have a WPF CustomControl class (inheriting from Control) and you want to initialize its ContextMenu property to include a set of pre-created MenuItem objects that you would like to be available by default in your control instances, … Continue reading

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For some time I have considered that the best way to set up the namespace for Windows client components developed by our company should be simple: CompanyName.Windows.Controls. And different packages could be assembled in different library files, using appropriate naming … Continue reading

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Copying Silverlight XAML project files and “Not available in this context” error in Visual Studio 2010

If you copy XAML project files (usually pages) and their attached code behind from one Silverlight project to another one using Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2010, you may receive an error at build time: named elements may not be … Continue reading

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