Weighted democracy?

Some people think that we, people, could get a better government system. I’m sure they are right, but I’m also sure it would be extremely difficult to change from the current democratic politics towards a weighted democracy, where each person would have a different power (weight) of vote.

[People, as lawmakers in a GitHub-like system would] make a pull request [on an existing law] and [can be] approved by a group of maintainers (not sure how these people would be elected? Perhaps the whole thing would need a reputation based moderation system a la StackOverflow?)

I know in the article it is also said that the details were not considered, but one detail is very important: how can this new system be started?

I mean, the StackOverflow-ish reputation system cannot start from zero points for everybody cause then nobody could vote to initiate reputation for somebody else. And who do you choose to be the initial reputation-owners? Maybe this can be obtained, one (last) time, using the current election system, but I see this can turn bad easily: because until a critical reputation mass is reached people may get negative reputation given by the initial reputation holders so that their inherent interest of future power is achieved.

Furthermore, corruption may also arise at any time in a GitHub-ish system later if someone trades his or her reputation for obtaining some interest, just like in politics now.

But I agree that in theory, and if started with extra care, humans could have better democracy if people get weighted votes instead of being equal. The problem is controlling the weighting system which is a process that must start in the current way of working, and which may go – so easily – wrong, than I’m really afraid to accept that this would indeed be a better choice.

About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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