Surface 1: 0-0-0 black becomes green

I recently started to see a very awkward issue repeated with my Surface 1 on Windows RT (not often, but still more than a couple of times already): sometimes it suddenly displays all pure black pixels (those with RGB 0-0-0 only!) as green. Note that partially colored pixels are not greenized the same way (e.g. 255-0-255 still displays magenta correctly, and 1-0-0 or 1-1-1 still display almost black color).

Restarting or shutting down and starting the device again doesn’t seem to help or helps only after trying several times. But once I saw the problem has been resolved at random, while the Surface splash screen text was displayed (first on green, then immediately on black, while it was still loading), and another time while I was already logged on.

After some time I haven’t seen the problem for a while so I thought it was resolved by an update. But it repeated today for about 5 minutes (3 restarts tried). Now it again seems solved and unrepeatable…

I find this very strange. Has anyone else found the same behavior?

Update: I reproduced the issue for a longer time. This time I managed to find strange lines drawn on some screens.

Update 2: I got the issue a few times more, and these times more persistent. I finally managed to get it solved by going to Settings, Update and Recovery, Recover advanced settings, Command Prompt (safe debugging mode). When Command prompt appeared I used “color 2f” command and similar calls to test colors. Surprise: they all worked fine! Then I restarted normally and now black is black again. Let’s see if this is temporary or permanent…

Update 3: It took 3 days to get the issue appearing again. This time the previous trick didn’t work. It must be something wrong with the hardware controller or with its software driver.


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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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2 Responses to Surface 1: 0-0-0 black becomes green

  1. Tudor says:

    Defective LCD? 🙂

  2. Sorin Dolha says:

    Can it be defective? X-Y-X pixels are displayed correctly when X>=0 and Y>0, and only 0-0-0 is displayed as 0-255-0.

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