Tablets and Mini PCs are dead

I knew it before: tablets were (only) fashion. But then I started to think I was wrong, as I have saw so many people (both consumers and business users) with such devices in their hands. (I even purchased a Surface™ myself – which is still amazing, and I still use it – but not as often as I originally thought I would.) Now I believe I was wrong when I said I was wrong: small and large screens seem to eventually be the only ones that matter as I don’t see people with tablets anymore (or not so often).

But there’s another story to link here. Recently I’ve seen a new type of PCs on the market – more or less powerful processing units with fast yet large enough SSD storage, marketed as Mini PCs. Wow, I said at first… But then I saw this: processing power and storage units seem to have become small enough so that phones will eventually replace Mini PCs completely when they are docked to large screens and when keyboards and pointing devices are connected to them. (At least when they get powered by Microsoft’s Windows® 10.)


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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2 Responses to Tablets and Mini PCs are dead

  1. Tudor says:

    Strange – when traveling abroad I saw a lot of people using tablets – from stupid ways – taking photos at tourist sites using a tablet, to commuters reading a book on tablets on the train.. Of course, tablets are mainly for consuming information, and there Facebook is the best example.. Aleo, it’s hard to tell is a 6 inch ‘phone’ is really a phone or a small tablet. 🙂

    • Sorin Dolha says:

      I’m sure tablets have plenty of genuine uses (not stupid photo taking, nor reading a book which might only require a book reader afterall), but from my personal experience in Cluj (workplaces, streets, parks, malls) I see that a lot less people carry them. Instead, they are either using a smart phone or a laptop…

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