Syncing Internet Explorer Favorites between Windows 8 Devices

You probably know that (unless you don’t manually turn syncing app settings off), Internet Explorer favorites are syncing automatically between your Windows 8 and 8.1 devices (provided that you login using the same Microsoft account).

However, at work, I usually use the hibernation feature of the computer, and I virtually never log off my account for long times (even when I need to restart the computer due to updates or issues, I usually login back afterwards). This help me start working very fast in the morning, having Windows and all my applications (usually many Visual Studio instances) loaded in a few minutes (i.e. restored as they were before hibernating).

While this is great for fast morning start, it seems this is not good for OneDrive setting synchronization (or at least for Internet Explorer favorites). Actually, I found out from my own experience that saving new favorites to OneDrive settings bank actually occurs when you log out from your system, but only if the account is not logged on on another device (including hibernated ones!)

So, if I add favorites from my work station (it’s actually a notebook, that’s why I put a space between “work” and “station”) they are saved to OneDrive only when I restart the computer (as I don’t usually sign out otherwise), and therefore I don’t see them on my tablet at home until then. OK, I try to live with that, since there are important updates that require restart anyways at least once or twice a month.

But if I add favorites from my tablet, I couldn’t see them on my work machine at all, unless I do these very inconvenient steps:

  • restore the notebook from hibernation (with my account log in);
  • log out from the notebook;
  • log in on the tablet;
  • log out from the tablet;
  • log in back on the notebook.

Microsoft team should do some further work and resolve this, as this is not live synchronization, and while they don’t use Windows Live name anymore, the concept has been preserved!

Update: It seems the issue is now (at least partially) resolved; if I waited a long time (days), new favorites got synchronized from the tablet to the notebook without having both of them logged off at the same time. I don’t know if before there was just a deadlock that didn’t occur this time, or they really fixed something in the meantime.


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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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