Resolved C00D07C9 error setting up Zune wireless sync

I recently had trouble setting up wireless sync for my old Windows® Phone 7.8 to Zune software on a Windows® 8.1 PC: error C00D07C9 – indicating that the devices may be connected through a public network. It was not the case: the network was domain/private.

I tried to temporarily disable firewalls and set routing mode to 802.11bg instead of n (as n is stated as not supported by Zune software), ensured that no space characters were used in the phone name, etc., but couldn’t solve the problem until I tried a spectacular solution found on this thread – the steps are below, just in case someone doesn’t have the time to dig into it:

  • On the Windows® Phone connected by USB cable to the computer (and having Zune software running):
    • Open Settings, select Internet Sharing and try to turn it on;
      • it should respond with an error, as Internet connection sharing is not available while connected to the PC using a cable;
      • ensure Internet Sharing is turned back off;
  • On the computer, go to Zune software application, select Settings and Wireless sync, and try setting it again: you may be surprised to have it working this time!

I’m not sure why Internet Sharing is involved (that’s what I called spectacular about this fix), but it surely resolves the problem!

Update: I found out that although the steps above might work on a Domain/Work network, the actual wireless sync process may not be run unless the network is Private/Home. And the limitation for 802.11n may still be in place.


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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3 Responses to Resolved C00D07C9 error setting up Zune wireless sync

  1. andreyabc says:

    thank you so much! all earned.

  2. demoninyou says:

    Thaks a lot !!! You are savior

  3. Stepa Klest says:

    Thanks! It’s a great way to get to work wirelessly synchronize.

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