Windows 8.1 update disabled all networking

After a very long install time (about 2 hours, actually – surprisingly for the “new” Microsoft way) my Acer TravelMate notebook has been “successfully” upgraded (without any error messages) from Windows 8 to the recent 8.1 version (the update being available for free – that’s very good!)

Logging in to my user account for the first time (requiring more minutes while the computer was still “configuring a few things” – a few?! oh well…) I was shot in the head: no network connection was available anymore. Neither wired (Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet) nor wireless (Intel® Centrino®) connections were available anymore.

Device Manager was showing the two network adapters with warnings related to error “Code 12”, indicating that the devices “cannot find enough free resources” to be able to run. (Their drivers were reported as available, loaded, and up-to-date.)

After some Web searching, I found out nearly nothing, as most similar issues were for previous operating systems. However, there was one recent discussion which saved me: the provided solution was to disable the card reader device.

As soon as I did that (selecting Disable from the context menu of O2Micro item listed in Device Manager under PCMCIA adapters group), both network adapters started to work well! (And I can – at least temporarily – re-enable the card reader after the network starts, if I really need to use it.)


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25 Responses to Windows 8.1 update disabled all networking

  1. Augustine says:

    Thanks a lot. The solution you have given worked like a magic. Immediately both the network adapters (LAN and Wifi) started working

  2. Zlatko Isakovicz says:

    Thanks man :), much appreciated..

  3. Hans Jonkhof says:

    I had the same issue, you solved it! Thanks al lot!

  4. Silvio says:

    I *** the last two days… and your post solved my problem also.

  5. Wei says:

    I want to say thank you for 4 hours that I’ve spent to figure out this issues on my travel mate 6292.
    You are my angel of today.

  6. djj says:

    perfect!!! thank you a lot

  7. Reinoud says:

    A great thank you from the Netherlands. You solved my problem with windows 8.1 and the network drivers. It looked like I could use my laptop only with windows 7, had to buy more software ( part from this 8.1 I already bought) or a new laptop. Acer told there where no more updates available. Who needs them!

  8. aadilmehmood says:

    Man i love u …just got it working .

  9. Citakki says:

    I have the same problem. Can you write the name of card readers, because i can`t find them.

  10. Otto says:

    Thank you for “fixing” my Acer 7730. Searched and tried various stuff for 2 days. I found your solution today and it was fixed in 2 minutes!!!! Have a peaceful and happy holiday season.

  11. Jasper K says:

    Thanks a lot

  12. Marco says:

    I spent a couple of hours on this issue until I found your suggestion that works perfectly. Thank you very much !!

  13. steve says:

    thanks alot…..that problem was bugging me

  14. Pc Shrink says:

    Just solved a massive problem for me upgrading my TravelMate 6292 to win 8.1, thank you so much, you da man bro!

  15. Bimi says:

    Great, thanks a lot man 😉

  16. Massimo says:

    Hi (excuse my English translator),
    It is a year and a half I had this problem.
    Indeed on my Acer Travelmate 7730G (17 “), which I use as desktop computer, I had been in Windows 8 Pro.
    I tried them all, all, to start the driver ETHERNET (BROADCOM NETLINK) and Intel wifi but nothing, nothing! I was promptly forced to return to the pro version 8.
    I had resigned myself! The Pc had passed through the hands of my friends technical profession!
    The sentence: Your Acer can not be upgraded to Windows 8.1 PRO!
    Well yesterday looking in his spare time (not entirely resigned …) on the web I came across a few on your line! I followed what you wrote …. e..TUTTO SOLVED after a year and a half I have my PC with WINDOWS 8.1 PRO!
    I’m happy!!!!
    Oh please! If by pro windows 8.1 to windows next 10 I will have problems … you wait !!! 🙂

  17. Detales says:

    Thanks man! I have this problem on my Travelmate 7730 with windwos 10 Preview

  18. Detales says:

    Install this new O2Micro driver. Then Network and card reader work great.

  19. AGRIS says:

    Thanks ! Worked!!!

  20. Thanks. It works.
    It solves my problem on Travelmate 6292 Windows 10

    • Juan Pablo Gamboa says:


      i’m upgrading to my 6292 to windows 10 also. i’m having driver issues with the infrared port. did you experience any problems with your windows 10 installation?

  21. happy guy now that i found this says:

    Thank you so much !!

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