Reading local libraries for a specific user profile persists on Windows 8.1

I have had an odd issue with multiple Windows Store apps on a Windows 8 machine: they are not able to read item libraries (photos, music, etc.) due to some internal COM exception that suggests a security permission issue in the background. The problem occurs for a single user profile on the machine, and is related to a specific machine only (the same apps for the same domain user/Microsoft account run well on other Windows® 8 machines).

I’ve described the full technical details of the problem on Microsoft® TechNet a while ago.

And I wanted to add that Windows 8.1 update doesn’t solve it. (I kinda hoped for that… Viclean)

Update: After Windows 8.1 update and running the Windows Store app troubleshooter tool again (I did it also on the original Windows 8), it found and resolved some issues, and when I restarted the computer, the standard Photos app can now suddenly read photos from the library. But the Music and Video apps are still unable to read the associated libraries, although the folders are listed in the “We are currently looking to” folder list and I could always open specific files from there using their open file commands.

Update: Thanks to a suggestion in a recent post from a Microsoft Answers discussion, I have now been able to resolve the issue completely.

To resolve the problem, use Regedit and delete this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\CLSID (make a backup first). Then sign out and in again, or reboot. Libraries can now be successfully read from Windows 8 apps!

Note that deleting the CLSID key from HKEY_CURRENT_USER will clean up the current settings for the current user profile only, and will not affect the entire machine settings.

Finally, I’ve re-added some of the keys in the backup of the CLSID, i.e. only those with keys with actual values for sub-keys. After that everything still works, and I have no fear that any real personal settings are removed.

Don’t forget to repeat these steps for all affected user profiles.


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