XBox® 360 and Microsoft® Points being retired in all regions

Although it was previously possible to purchase Microsoft® Points from countries that were not XBox® Live supported, and therefore you could purchase games online directly from the console even from one of those countries, as now Points are retired from all regions and the new local currency payment support is limited to just some countries (as the related FAQ page indicates), you might notice that you won’t be able to get new games using the console anymore, depending on where you live.

The console will simply show an error code when you try to buy games: 80122730. It may be a temporary issue, tough, but I got it today, and this seems to be caused by the fact that my account is bound to a country for which the page states that doesn’t yet have support for direct local currency payments from the console.

It seems however still possible to buy games online from the Web site, using a card and the local currency (as previously when purchasing Microsoft® Points), automatically directing the downloads to your console bound to the same account as the logged in user.


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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