Build and Rebuild necessary after updating an invalid reference in Visual Studio® 2012 Express for Windows® 8

I’ve encountered a strange behavior using Visual Studio® 2012 Express for Windows® 8:

  • If you open a C# project that references a WinRT assembly (either managed DLL or WinMD file), and the referenced DLL file is not found t the “hinted” path, a warning icon will be presented for that reference in Solution Explorer; you will, of course, remove and re-add the reference, browsing to the correct file path;
  • Trying to Build the project may result, however, in some error messages, as if the referenced DLL was not loaded and referenced types were not available;
  • To resolve the issue, you need to simply Rebuild the project again; it seems easy, but it’s strange you need to do this, and many developers won’t try it! Tough time for WinRT component developers, or, in fact, for their support teams!

About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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