Successful Computer-Related Businesses

These are a few of the most successful businesses and products related to computers and Internet, with some pro and contra arguments (in my opinion):

Category Product / Company Pro arguments Contra arguments
Operating systems Microsoft Windows
  • Everybody needs it
  • Once you get it installed by many users you can sell them many applications too
  • Difficult and time consuming to develop, in order to be good looking, easy to use, reliable, scalable, and to provide high performance
  • Price cannot be high
Business productivity suites Microsoft Office
  • Almost everybody needs it at the office
  • Home users don’t need it often, but they still want it
  • Difficult to develop, due to multiple scenarios to be supported and high complexity for some tasks
Software development tools Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Developers love to have it, they’ll get it
  • Price can be high
  • Only developers need it, and they are not so many
  • Difficult to develop and support it
  • Developers are intelligent and will submit a lot of feedback; this might be good, but it’s bad if there would be a lot of bugs: the image breaks
Internet search Google
  • Everybody needs it
  • If you offer it for free, and gain a lot of users, you’ll be able to provide advertising services and collect high amount of money
  • Searching the Internet is difficult, it requires high hardware volume and complex software
  • If you don’t get many users, you don’t collect money
Internet socialization Facebook
  • Many people love to socialize
  • If you develop it to be attractive, easy to use, and fast working, you’ll get enough users to start collecting advertising profits
  • Not everybody will use it
  • People will blame you because of security threats such a platform rises
Internet conversations Skype
  • Everybody has relatives or friends away, and phone calls are expensive
  • You can earn money if you link your network to standard phone companies
  • Writing a good sound protocol is difficult; if you don’t do it right, it will turn against you
Online stores Amazon
  • Everybody needs items: purchasing from the Internet is easy
  • You can provide discounts to resellers too, and still earn part of the profit yourself
  • You can also resell items and get part of other stores’ profit
  • You need a lot of space to hold items on stock
  • You need to contact with some reliable delivery companies; you can be sure that some orders would be lost or delayed and customers require your support, even resending items on your account
(movies, music, games)
  • Everybody needs it at home, many people purchase such items
  • Making movies, musing and games is expensive
? Your own product/company
  • Hopefully this post helps you find a good idea to become a successful businessman or -woman yourself
  • Brainstorming is not easy

About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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