Chernobyl. Life in the Dead Zone. 50 minutes of Wondering!

Yeserday evening I’ve watched (on Animal Planet TV channel) a short documentary film (Chernobyl. Life in the Dead Zone) regarding life in the Dead Zone around Chernobyl. As you know, that’s a restricted area in Ukraine, after the nuclear disaster from 1986. And I was amazed!

This film is for those who contemplate life, either as a miracle or a scientific fact, like me:

  • It’s so interesting that almost immediately after humans left the zone (after the accident), life – flora and fauna – occupied the zone and developed a nice ecosistem that includes radiation as an intrinsic part!
  • Usually animals who live there don’t get cancer or other diseases by living there because their natural life expectance is too short for the tumors to actually appear!
  • The Dead Zone is in fact a lot more green (in the summer) than any other populated city area!

It’s also for those who like 3D (historical) photography:

  • The remaining houses, schools, boats and other buildings and transporation vechicles still contain human-reminding objects, such as books open at specific pages, children toys left on the ground, etc. (despite the cracks in their walls and except things that have burned because of fires generated by lightning): interiors seem to be just like some innovative 3D photography, just like instants of the past!

And finally, it’s for those who like cats:

  • As a background thread, the film presents the story of a domestic cat that was left in the zone after the disaster, when humans retreated.

I have found that the documentary film is also available on YouTube, and I created a playlist for it, so if you have 50 free minutes in your life, I highly recommend you to spend them on this short movie!


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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  1. Tudor Turcu says:

    An interesting blog about Chernobyl can be found at: – worth reading..

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