Windows 7 Enteprise Trial

Unlike for its predecessor versions, Microsoft decided to allow users to download and evaluate Windows 7 (until March 2010). Only the “Enterprise” special (Technet) edition is available as a trial version, tough.

Note: Personally, I encountered an issue trying to download the file directly from that page, the download URL (file name) seemed to be broken. If you cannot download directly from there read this, it will probably help.


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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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5 Responses to Windows 7 Enteprise Trial

  1. Toby says:

    I thought about installing the trial but read somewhere that you can’t update it with a valid activation key once you have purchased it. …you need to re-install. …but then, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. :-)Once you have it installed how about a blog post on your thoughts? I would be interested in a developers perspective. I honestly don’t know much about Windows7. I plan on upgrading later this month just on principle. …personally, I have always liked Vista.Toby

  2. Sorin says:

    I tried installing the build on a virtual machine, on Virtual Server 2005 R2: however, when the Setup reaches "Expanding files", at some point: – the machine gets Paused status, for an unknown reasond (I don’t manually pause it); – after resuming it manually, it continues, but after just a few more minutes the installation is stuck: the percent for the Expanding files operation never changes further, although the "…" sign is still active and animated.I tried 3 times, once after I redownloaded the ISO image (thinking it may have been a bad download): first 2 times file expansion reached to 6%, the 3rd time it got stuck at 2%.If I will have more time the next weekend I’m going to try again, this time on Virtual PC (not Virtual Server).Of course, I’ll post my impressions on the blog afterwards. However, the trial installation main goal would be that of testing our applications on the final version of Windows 7 before actually purchasing Windows 7 with new hardware (that is to happen too – with a new notebook – but it’s not urgent, so the evaluation edition would have been great, if it would have worked :-)).PS: I’m not going to upgrade from Vista on my personal notebook, although I considered it (for speeding up). Instead of that, I just cleaned the computer from many garbage (i.e. software installed and never uninstalled until now :-)), then I have also expanded the system partition (using Disk Management tool included) as it was too little already in just 2 years of usage, and now everything works fast again.

  3. Sorin says:

    I managed to install the OS on Virtual PC. Now I’m testing it. However I wouldn’t probably post impressions from a developer point of view, as I wouldn’t probably develop anything on the OS while it’s running in a virtual machine only. Maybe later, when I’ll get a new laptop!

  4. Sorin says:

    After more than 1h of testing after installation, Windows 7 Enterprise didn’t implied anything about any activation requirement. Probably later! 🙂

  5. Sorin says:

    After one more day of testing (I did test for more than 4 hours), still no activation requirement was displayed.However, I managed to crash Math Input Panel; moreover, Math Input Panel doesn’t recognize mouse enterings well (in fact I couldn’t manage to see anything in the Preview)…

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