Human Immortality

Although I think that this article that is presenting the near future availability of immortality for humans (being transformed to cyborgs) is too optimistic, I do believe that this will eventually be the continuation (or destruction, if we are not careful enough) of human evolution. Personally, I really believe that scientists will not make major mistakes and they will use the technology advances in this direction only (or at least, in a large majority) for improving human life, and not the other way around, but it may take more time until getting there anyway.

Of course, I don’t know if this new type of changes will materialize as a good thing for life in general, as in this case evolution will not be based on genealogy and natural selection anymore. But hey, natural selection is already gone for humans for a long time now, i.e. since civilization existed: sick and weak individuals are protected (sometimes even over-protected) in our society, they can have kids and enjoy life just like healthy ones!

PS: I postulated about 10 years ago that this will happen at some point in the future, regardless of ethics, religion or other type of advice against it, because humans are innovative from their core (look through all our history!), and we cannot live much time without major changes in our lives, could we? Zâmbet


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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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2 Responses to Human Immortality

  1. Toby says:

    If you are interested in this kind of thing (as I am) here are a few links for you: two links should give you plenty to think about…but just in case. – note the article arthor is Bill Joy.Toby

  2. Sorin says:

    Really interesting articles and video. I didn’t know all these about Ray Kurzweil, and it looks a little creepy to do what he does! I mean, I understand the vision of having the life expanded as much as possible, but, in my opinion, based on the current choices we humans have, I’m not sure the length of life is the most important thing to value right now.But of course, I accept (and really believe) that this may change in the future (either for us or for our descendents). I do accept that values that are now considered "fixed" may change in the future (such as those presented in the video) if natural life span is no longer an "issue".I just think that it’s too early to do things that still look creepy (such as taking supplements, drinking too much water, etc.) 🙂 I mean, even with theoretical immortality (or longer life span) proven to be obtained this way, I think it’s more important to have a good and easy life (not too stressful in order to get such life extensions). Why? Simply because accidents can happen and if you have a longer life span, you get a lot more chances to be involved in a deadly one! 🙂

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