Disabled Import/Export within Localized Outlook 2007 Issue

If your Windows system is not localized and your Outlook 2007 system is localized, you may encounter this issue: the Import/Export menu item from the File menu may be disabled.

To restore it, just go to Regional Options, and in the Administrative Settings, set up the locale for the system (i.e. non-Unicode programs) to your local language.


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15 Responses to Disabled Import/Export within Localized Outlook 2007 Issue

  1. Jose says:

    Good answer I fix my problem..thanksss..

  2. Eran says:

    Unbelievable… Finally, I have an address book in my Outlook!

    Thanks a lot. I only wish I had gotten here earlier.

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  4. Janos says:

    Nice one! I was a real mistery but this post solved me. ­čÖé Thanks!

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  6. Gongractulation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Searching for more than 3 hours for a Solution…………… finaly…. found it here….
    Thanks ….. Genius…… i read more than 100 forums …. questions , answers…….. and nothing….. Just this tip solved,,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks again

  7. Sorin Dolha says:

    I’m glad my post helped you guys, although I feel that Microsoft should never made the menu item disabled in the mentioned conditions in the first place: instead, they should just fire a message box explaining the reason why Import/Export cannot work and how to solve it… But that’s how life is, rarely as expected… ­čÖé

  8. Silviu says:

    worked for me very nice

    multumesc mult:)

  9. Walid Alfuhaid says:


    Thanks for fixing my problem, I spent days trying to export my contacts…

  10. Florin says:

    Multumesc frumos pentru solutie. M-a ajutat dupa ce cautasem o gramada de solutii, dar fara rezultat.

  11. Dreamer says:

    I still have the problem, i checked windows non-unicode language it’s set to my local language, but i don’t know how to do it in outlook 2007?

  12. Alex says:

    Amazing, thanks for sharing!

  13. Alex says:

    BTW, same issue exists in Outlook 2010. I had to switch Windows language back to english in order to export to a pst file.

  14. Yahh Perfect my configuration was to Hebraic and my Outlook is to Portugues BRASIL.

    Thank you guy !

  15. hicham says:

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks….

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