Ten Months, Ten Places, Several Trips: Many Random Photos

August 2009 is the 10 months anniversary of the Random Photos project, meaning one trip per month to random chosen places within and around a central location (our city, Cluj-Napoca).

We (i.e., myself plus a few family members and, sometimes, friends), have already took 8 such trips within the city, and 1 within our county (Cluj)!

But for the 10th anniversary, however, we have chosen to visit a random location chosen from the whole country (Romania)!

And that random place is… (silence please!) Să nu afle nimeni

Lat. N44.07535°, long. E27.49385°
Near Gârlița vilage, Constanța county,
in the south-est of the country, east to Călărași, close to the border with Bulgaria

(Applause!) Petrecere

We’re going to travel by car (4 days vacation), visiting other places, such as Hațeg (Retezat Mountains), then Bucharest and, finally the Danube River around Călărași and Cernavodă, too (and in Galița, near Gârlița, there is also the Dervent Monastery to visit): I guess it will be a nice trip!

Hooray! Căldură mare

PS: I’ll post impressions and photos later, keep in touch!



About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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