10 Years of Messenger

I have a Hotmail account since June 16, 1999 (so I just celebrated my mailbox’s 10 years old birthday a few weeks ago!). (If you wonder, you can find out the date that you have created your own Hotmail account by going to Your Account page). I was a student at that time (1999), but I remember well that I’ve created the account from an Internet cafe as I didn’t have Internet at home at that time, and I wasn’t going to school that much! Smile
Live Messenger (MSN Messenger at that time) has entered my life later, I think in the autumn of 2000, while I was working (Party?) as a software developer at a local small company: the company was actually against MSN, they used Yahoo! Messenger internally, but I tested MSN Messenger regardless their advice, and I’m not affraid to say that it was a lot better (and has always been, since then, at least until I stopped using Yahoo! when I walked away from that company, moving on with my career).
I don’t remember a special or extraordinary discussion on Live (MSN) Messenger that I could talk about here, but anyway, the small software piece has helped me connect with my family, friends (old and new ones, some actually found using MSN related software and services), and (later) coworkers and customers, whenever I was away either in another country or just in another room.
So, I just wanted to say: Happy Birthday, Messenger! Birthday cake

About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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3 Responses to 10 Years of Messenger

  1. Jamie says:

    10 years. pretty impressive Sorin!

  2. Jonathan says:


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