You’re Welcome Everyone

A few people have previously added “Thank you” comments on my technical blog entries, such as this one. So I just wanted to answer:

You’re welcome everyone. I too lose time finding how to resolve things like this, and that’s why I think it does worth to spend a few minutes more and write the solution down so that others, hopefully, don’t lose as much time as I did. And this giving returns back to me because many times I resolve things easily and in a short time by finiding a similar post of somebody else (maybe you!) for a different issue I have.

It’s a great thing that programmers (but probably other professionals too) can use their own blogs (and, of course, search engines like for finding information) as a large community-sized knowledge base for everything related to their job. The important thing, however, is to use the best keywords in the post title to help search engines and therefore the searchers find the post easily. I’m optimistic about the future of this Web 2.0 general knowledge base, as it may become a better or at least a complement help resource than offline media (like the original MSDN documentation) could ever be (even if allows posting online comments). Just like Wikipedia seems to win in front of Microsoft Encarta (I am sure you heard, Microsoft is closing Encarta later this year, although I would have hoped that Encarta would live in parallel, with its online comments/additions/corrections which was a recently added feature…)


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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