Cleaning Notebook LCD Generated a Semi-Transparent White Spot; Resolution: Hair Dryer

As I haven’t done this since a long time ago :-), today I have cleaned my office, including my notebook, PDA, and phone (and their screens too). I’ve done that before without any issues (except the lazyness), but today I noticed a semi-transparent-white pretty-much triangular spot on the notebook LCD, visible especially when bright colors were shown on that area of the screen (when the screen was off, it was hardly notifiable).

As it was semi-transparent I knew it couldn’t be dead pixels, but still, I was a little concerned that maybe some of the cleaning liquid has ended where it shouldn’t have, and I was worried about my future: would I need to buy another notebook already (and should/could I resist until Windows 7 :-))?

But afterwards, after shutting down the computer and running my wife’s hair dryer a little (10 minutes) around the specific area of the screen the spot dissapeared. Windows 7 can wait! 🙂


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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