Silverlight Component Licensing

Which would be the best way for a component library developer to provide licensing for the Silverlight 3 controls that they develop and sell to third party application developers? I just checked, but LicenseProvider hasn’t been added to the Silverlight 3 Beta class library.

Note that the advice given here may work only when the Silverlight application is running online, but Silverlight 3 applications may also be "saved" and run offline!

What do you think, wouldn’t a standard (and customizable) LicenseProvider-based method be better? I just asked Microsoft the same (giving a few more technical details on how should this be resolved) in a post on the Silverlight 3 Beta Forum.

If you are a developer too, and want to vote and support me with this request (asking Microsoft to add the LicenseProvider feature) don’t hesitate to add a comment there so that we become a larger team! Thank you in advance for all the support! Smile

PS: I wonder what was the result of this poll (requested by, I think, by someone at Microsoft a few time ago): it seems nothing, and I really wonder why, as Silverlight 3 beta is definately enough time after version 2 (for which the poll has been originally asked), and the reasons that Microsoft said LicenseProvider couldn’t fit in version 2 were time and resources! Again, I cannot stress enough, then why NOT in version 3 either?!


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