Windows Live Group Notifications Are Not Sent on E-mail

I have created or subscribed to a few Windows Live Groups ( And in the group options (I’m sure about it at least those groups that I own) I have specified in Group Options that email notifications should be sent to members whenever things happen in the group (new discussion initiations, replies, new or updated photo albums, comments). And no member is set to specifically NOT receive notifications from the Personal section of the Group Options. But neither me, nor the other group members receive group notifications on e-amil. We do receive them in “What’s New” zone on Messenger, and we can view the news if we actually visit the group or view the personal “What’s New” page, but I thought that e-mail notifications should also been sent to members in order to let them know immediately about (maybe) an important change. I’ve reported this on Feedback for Windows Live, and I’m not sure this is a bug (maybe they just didn’t want to send too much e-mail). But still… I needed to complain about it! 😐


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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