Live Maps Issues (One with Smaller Streets of Romanian and Bulgarian Cities and Towns, and Another with Japanese Labels)

I’ve noticed lately that the smaller streets of the Romanian and Bulgarian cities and towns (other than the capitals of the two countries) seem to not be displayed on map in Virtual Earth anymore (except for some short ends intersecting with larger streets and bulevards). Anybody knows why? Is this intended? If yes, again, why? The cities and towns of Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, or Greece do not have this problem! Very strange!

Cluj-Napoca on Live Maps Today

The railways are missing too!

Update: It seems that Microsoft has chosen a different GIS data supplier for Romania and Bulgaria, but that they have taken detailed information only for Bucharest and Sofia (which are now displayed with a higher level of details), but not for the other parts of the two countries (which in fact got less detailed data than before). Not a good decision for Microsoft, in my opinion.

And separately, why do Japan labels use Japanese characters? (This is not a new issue, but still…) The aparent reason is that they wanted to localize the content for Japanese readers. But I think this should be optional or depending on the language set by the browser or by the user on the site! This “feature” currently doesn’t allow a non-Japanese reader to find Japanese cities on the map, unless he or she would search for them using the Search Location tool (many times this is not nice). Again, very strange!


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