Outlook Connector from Windows Live Essentials (Wave 3) Beta All Day Appointment Notification Issues

Outlook Connector from within Windows Live Essentials (Wave 3) Beta has some issue(s) regarding showing notifications (alerts) for all day appointments within one’s Windows Live Calendar:

  • When the all day appointment alert is displayed and the user uses Dismiss button to close the alert, Outlook Connector updates the appointment on the server and it becomes a standard (not all day) appointment, starting at 0:00 on the day, and finishing at 0:00 on the next day. This breaks the way the alert is displayed on Windows Live Calendar (http://Calendar.Live.com) as now the time (0:00) will be shown, and it wouldn’t be necessary.
  • Besides this, the alert is shown again, even after being dismissed by the user, whenever the user clicks Send/Receive button, or restarts Outlook. I think this bug may be related to the first issue because maybe when the alert is dismissed, the old appointment is deleted and a new one is created instead (therefore losing the “all day” setting) and then a new alert will be generated as it’s a “different” appointment.

Hopefully these bugs will be resolved in the Windows Live Wave 3 final release (which is to be delivered soon).


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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