Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 3 Beta Problems

I have found two significant issues within Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 3 Beta:

  • My contacts do not appear in the People Tags list anymore, after a few runs of the software (a few days later after installing and using the software);
  • When the main window of the application is closed, the underlying process does not end, even after 30 minutes (although all photo internal data updates seem to have completed successfully); the process must be ended manually, otherwise the performance of the system is highly affected.

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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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5 Responses to Windows Live Photo Gallery Wave 3 Beta Problems

  1. Eric says:

    Hi. Yes, this is a known problem that’s fixed. Until the final release, you can work around this by deleting the local copy of your contacts and letting them replicate down all new again. The new fresh copy will avoid the problem that you’re unfortunately running into (my apologies that we didn’t find it before releasing the Beta).
    You need to delete the folder %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts
    If you lack permissions due to the folder being in use, you might need to reboot and ensure Messenger is exited so that no Live program is using the folder. After you delete (or rename, if you don’t want to delete), you can start WLPG again and it will w/in a few minutes bring down a new copy of your contacts.

  2. Anne says:

    I support the number 2 problem noted above. When I am printing using Live Photo gallery Beta, the process hangs up my whole processing capacity just to load the photo for printing. The only solution I have found is to reboot to clear the processing as simply exiting the program does not work. I am now reluctent to use Beta to review my photos.

  3. Sorin says:

    Thank you for the support, Anne, and thank you for the confimation of the issue(s) and for the workaround, Eric. Nice feature – the people tags! Too bad Windows Vista doesn’t display people tags in the list of tags when displaying Properties for a JPEG file (externally, not from within Photo Gallery). But I can see that this new feature saves people tags as XML inside the JPEG, in a different format than of the standard tags. Probably Windows 7 will be able to look into this XML too? 🙂

  4. Eric says:

    😉 The good thing is that the photo XMP XML blob is clear and open for anyone to support. Fingers crossed that it shows up in more and more places.So, there’s a new release with a fix for the Contacts / non-exiting process issue. You can go to for the latest release. Cheers!

  5. Sorin says:

    Yes, I totally believe that too.And maybe at some point location-related information inside photos (which can now be set with Pro Photo Tools) could also be viewed in Windows, and maybe later (Wave 4?) location on the map could also be set directly from Photo Gallery itself (that, Virtual Earth map integration, would be a really nice feature to have, to avoid the need of setting the location in a different program).

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