Outlook Mobile Access on Windows Mobile 6 with Exchange ActiveSync Errors 0x80072F0D and 0x85010004

I tried to configure a PDA with Windows Mobile 6.0 to synchronize Outlook items with Exchange ActiveSync from our own Exchange server. At first, this error number appeared: 0x80072F0D, indicating a problem with the SSL certificate. If I tried to access OWA using Internet Explorer from the device, a warning regarding the certificate also appeared. Our Exchange server uses a self-signed root certificate.

To resolve the issue I needed to get both the root certificate (self-signed) and the intermediate certificate (generated, based on the self signed) and installed them on the mobile device (exported them as .cer files and launched them on the device using File Explorer).

After this, the synchronization worked fine when the access was done from the intranet (through an internal wireless access point). But when trying to synchronize from an external network (i.e. through a phone based Internet connection) this error appeared: 0x85010004.

To resolve this second issue, I needed to go to the Web server / IIS Configuration and for the ActiveSync-related virtual directory (Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync), at Directory Security / IP address and domain name restrictions, I’ve set Granted access instead of the default Deny access except and it worked.


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