Installing Windows Vista SP1 and Error 0x800F0826

I’ve installed Windows Vista SP1 today. Unfortunately, the two first tries were unsuccessful, due to a message received after a few restarts (right after a "Configure Updates – stage 3 completed 100%" message and allowing log on after that) indicating an obscure error with this number: 0x800F0826.

After searching on the Web for the issue there was nothing that could be used.

I contacted Microsoft Support on their chat line (it’s free), and… surprise… they actually DID help me! The trick was to start 2 services in Control Panel Services, and set them to Automatic: Windows Event Collector and Windows Module Installer. After that SP1 has successfully installed.

I hope it helped other people like those from these forums or blog entries:

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12 Responses to Installing Windows Vista SP1 and Error 0x800F0826

  1. Ken says:

    Good post, I had a similar experience ( with Vista, but ran into a couple of other issues before it uncovered the problems with the services not starting up. By chance, was your machine a Dell computer as well?

  2. Sorin says:

    No, my machine was an Acer notebook, so I think this is not brand-related (or may be related to more than 1 brand otherwise).

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  4. Lee says:

    Thanks Sorin, helped me install SP1 on a Acer 5310 that was putting up a fight against SP1 lol!

  5. Joe Hayes says:

    Thanks Sorin! I’ve tried everything and this finally did the trick!

  6. Richard Mason says:

    Thanks came across this site whilst searching for a fix for 0x800F0826 which i was getting whilst trying to installing Windows Vista SP1, Your solution worked straight away. Laptop – Acer Aspire 5920G


  7. Sorc says:

    Thank you Sorin. It helps for me 🙂

  8. Ecstatic says:


    Over six years later, and this post is still helpful. I had to reset my OS on my years-old laptop, but I didn’t realize all the things I’d be losing. I bought a new printer (for a very important document) but couldn’t even install it without a service pack. I was near insanity after so much trouble just getting SP1, but this one little change did the trick and it means so much.

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