Yasaka, Kyōto, Japan – Geography Series

This post is part of the Geography Series (12th post).

Yasaka is a town in Kyōto prefecture of Japan (Asia). I didn’t find too much information about it on the Internet because Yasaka shrine and Yasaka pagoda in Kyoto city appear to be listed instead in the result list of any search.

The city of Toyooka is near Yasaka, but in a different prefecture of Japan: Hyōgo. Information about the Toyooka city is available on Wikipedia: its population seems to be around 100 thousands inhabitants and it’s an important railway node. This seems to be the home page of the city. The Maruyama River park is shown in the picture and it’s one of the recommended sites to be seen if you visit Toyooka.

One more thing, this may be very interesting for a visitor: in Toyooka you can take a public bath! Please see this page for detailed information. Here are some extracts: "The public hot springs have separate bathing sections for males and females (!) You can change your clothes and leave any possessions and drying towel in the dressing room lockers. Usually no bathing suits are worn in the bath (!) You should clean yourself at the showers or faucet, away from the bath itself." What do you think?


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