Zhaslyk, Uzbekistan – Geography Series

This post is part of the Geography Series (5th post).

Zhaslyk is a famous place in Uzbekistan (Asia) because there is a not-so-nice prison there from a human rights point of view. It’s placed in the northwestern region of Karakalpakistan.

Gazprom will explore and extract gas from around Zhaslyk, in the Urga area, as Control Risks details in this article: Under a 25-year, $1.5bn production-sharing agreement (PSA), Gazprom will explore and extract from the Urga, Kuanysh and Achalakskie fields on the 77,220 sq mile (200,000 sq km) Ustyurt plateau (between the Aral and Caspian Seas). If new fields are discovered, Gazprom has the exclusive right to develop these.

If you want to visit Uzbekistan, feel free to use this travel guide (a little limited right now, tough).


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