Nizhniy Izyak, Bashkortostan, Russia – Geography Series

This post is part of the Geography Series (4th post).

Nizhniy Izyak is a small village in Bashkortostan Republic of Russia (Europe). The surrounding is a low altitude field, such that Nizhniy Izyak is only 99 m high.

The city of Ufa (seen in the picture) is at only about 20 km of Nizhniy Izyak. Ufa is the capital of the Bashkortostan Republic and it has around 1 milion of inhabitants. It is placed in the west side of the Urals, on the Ufa river. It’s an industrial center and a very important transportation node in the area.

If you want to visit Ufa yourself, here is a page with a few hotel links.

Bashkortostan Republic is also called Bashkiriya and its placed in the southern Ural mountains, with "elevations decreasing southward and westward to a steppe interspersed with islands of mainly deciduous trees and to the floodplains of the Belaya river" as Britannica Enciclopedia mentions.


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