Pafúri, Mozambique – Geography Series

This post is part of the Geography Series (3rd post).

Pafúri is a settlement in Mozambique (Africa), very near to the borders of both Zimbabwe and South Africa. It’s very near to the South African Makulele Concession, which is a sector of the Kruger National Park, on the Limpopo river.

Chicualacuala is Pafúri’s nearmost town in Mozambique. Chicualacuala is also placed on the Limpopo river and it is crossed by the Limpopo Line. What is Limpopo Line you may ask. It’s a name received by a train that travels from Southern Zimbabwe to the Mozambican port of Maputo. It is the quickest route for export and import between the two countries. Read this article for a story about the Limpopo Line from Parade Magazine, 1989, starting like this: We were welcomed to the dawn of the small railway town of Chicualacuala just inside the Mozambique border, by two explosions, one blasting from either side of the town.


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