Oji, Nigeria – Geography Series

This post is part of the Geography Series (2nd post).

Oji is a settlement near the Okwangwo Division of the Cross River National Park of Nigeria (Africa), in the south-estern part of the country. The terrain nearby is made up of ridge systems and rocky outcrops. Elevations reach values higher than 1000 m in the Mbe mountains and 1700 m in the Sankwala mountains.

Calabar is a city on the Cross River, in the Niger delta, having about 800 thousands inhabitants. You can reach Calabar from Oji in about 1.5 hours. Calabar has a university and it’s an import-export center of Nigeria. It seems also that Calabar is one of the cleanest cities in Africa. And one more thing: the Cross River Festival runs in Calabar every year.


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