Nunatarsuak, Greenland – Geography Series

This post is part of the Geography Series (1st post).

Nunatarsuak is a small village in the north-west part of Greenland (North America), Denmark. Unfortunately there is nothing much on the Internet about it, except that I found this page which contains the name of the village but seems to be written in a language written in Norway that I couldn’t find a translator for.

The town that is the nearest to Nunatarsuak is Narsaq, for which I found a Tourist Office page. Some pictures can be seen there too. It seems that one can see icebergs from Narsaq.

Another town close to Nunatarsuak (the last one I searched information about) is Itilleq, for which I found a Wikipedia page. It seems that the settlement was found in 1847, and has a fish factory (whatever that is!)


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