Geography Series

Today I thought of starting a series of posts related to geography and travel (hobbies of mine that I simply don’t have enought time to actually leverage).

The (simple) idea is to randomly choose a latitude and longitude on Earth (evenly distributed on the Earth’s surface, and truly random), repeat that until we reached a point that is not on the sea or in a no settlement area (I will check about 10 miles around the point), and then look for the nearest settlement (city, town, or village) at that point, find things on the Internet regarding that place and share the information here.

My goal is to make me and you aware of places on Earth that we probably haven’t heared about and wouldn’t hear otherwise (you know how travel agenecies are, they know everything about popular destinations but nothing about any other more aventurist destination).

To get to the results I use a small C# program that I’ve wrote to generate random points evenly distributed on the Earth surface and to start on each point generated.

Virtual Tour Below is the list of posts in this series. You can also view the places in a virtual tour and you can subscribe here to its RSS feed.

  1. Nunatarsuak, Greenland
  2. Oji, Nigeria
  3. Pafúri, Mozambique
  4. Nizhniy Izyak, Bashkortostan, Russia
  5. Zhaslyk, Uzbekistan
  6. Umm Ḩasan, Sudan
  7. Taz, Perm, Russia
  8. Surat, Queensland, Australia
  9. Tarhaouhaout, Algeria
  10. Manoa, Rondônia, Brazil
  11. Umm al Ḩamām, Libya
  12. Yasaka, Kyōto, Japan
  13. Ungalik, Nome, Alaska, United States
  14. Loxton, Northern Cape, South Africa
  15. Uspenskiy, Saratov, Russia
  16. (To be continued)

About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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2 Responses to Geography Series

  1. Sorin says:

    If you need the random point chosing program (I will share its C# source code if you want!) just let me know 🙂

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