Saturn, Cap Aurora, Jupiter, Neptun

Beside enjoying the Venus beach near our hotel, we also visited some places near Venus: to the south, Saturn beach, and to the north Jupiter, Cap Aurora, and Neptun.

Saturn is looking very good, hotels are renewed since 2003 when I was there before. In Saturn the beach is long, the sand is smooth, but there is no music in many places on the beach. In Saturn there is a good place where you can eat some specialties such as chocolate "gogoașă" (very sweet). Sorry but I have no pictures from Saturn (I hadn’t bring my camera with me there).

Cap Aurora is small, and only has about 3 or 4 hotels. We didn’t enter the water, but we heard there are a lot of stones.

Călătorii 040 

Jupiter has a nice beach, nicer than Venus’ or Saturn’s beaches. There is music, but we didn’t enter the water there either.

Călătorii 055 Călătorii 061 Călătorii 071 Călătorii 077

Neptun has the best beach, it’s very nice with tropical umbrellas, with many "streets" made for people to get between them and between the bars and other resorts on the beach, made of wood. Music is nice and there are a few good places you can eat and drink. We drank a coffee there, eat some scrambled eggs and "mămăligă" with cheese. Do not miss the mexican food, "Sombrero" which is better with some "salsa" sauce – very hot! In Neptun there are also a lot of stored with clothes and other nice things. Enjoy!

Călătorii 094 Călătorii 101 Călătorii 095 Călătorii 089 Călătorii 122 Călătorii 135 Călătorii 137 Călătorii 158 Călătorii 183


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My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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