Venus, Mangalia

After a very nice trip by train from Cluj-Napoca to Neptun, We are now in Venus, Mangalia, by the Black Sea-side. At the hotel we stay it’s very nice, everything is well, but the Internet that is announced on the hotel’s site doesn’t work at all: the receptionist told us that she can’t do anything, the Internet is down and that’s it – it’s not a technical issue, instead probably the owner(s) of the hotel had taken this decision (not very nice to hear this, you can figure!)

The beach in Venus is nice but water may contain rocks – big rocks: you need to search for such spots before entering in the water or you can get hurt. There are a lot of bees, and if you are like me, and won’t like them to byte you you need to look carefully where you sit to get a beer outside…

Some pictures from the trip and from Venus:

Călătorii 004 Călătorii 066 Călătorii 006 Călătorii 003 Călătorii 008 Călătorii 047 Călătorii 062 Călătorii 072 Călătorii 069 Călătorii 098 Călătorii 106 Călătorii 161 Călătorii 204 Călătorii 206 Călătorii 205 Călătorii 201 Călătorii 126 Călătorii 125 Călătorii 149 Călătorii 200


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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