On Sunday, Through Cluj County

Today we (me, Ioana, my brother – Ovidiu, and my parents) have visited a few places in and near Cluj-Napoca, in the Cluj county (through some of the lower sides of the Western Carpathians in Romania). A few pictures are presented from the places we have passed through today.

Artificial beach, by the Someșul Mic River, in Cluj-Napoca (nice job, Mr. Boc and his staff):
Călătorii 009 Călătorii 005

Near Băișoara:
Călătorii 041 Călătorii 085 Călătorii 025

Pensiunea Lara, in Valea Ierii:
Călătorii 143 Călătorii 161

At the Arieș river, near Buru:
Călătorii 289

On the European Road, from Turda to Cluj-Napoca: 
Călătorii 328

New houses on the Bună Ziua street in Cluj-Napoca:
Călătorii 354


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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