Europe by Train

If somebody has the time and money, he or she should definitely get a 1 month European railway pass (there are plenty of very cheap solutions – 1 month with any trains in Europe except ICE/TGV is only about 300 Euro!), and see all the important places.
Here below I have a train timetable made for being able to visit the most important cities – marked with an asterisk (*) and bold (city visits should last as many days as you need) – starting from Cluj-Napoca, Romania and back to the same city:
Cluj-Napoca  03:22
Budapest-Keleti pu*  09:42
Budapest-Keleti pu  09:50
Bratislava*  12:22
Bratislava  12:25
Praha-Holesovice*  16:25
Praha hl.n.   09:16
München Hbf Gl.27-36*  15:16
München Hbf   10:24 (ICE)
Stuttgart Hbf (arr.)  22:47
Stuttgart Hbf (dep.)  12:55 (TGV)
Paris Est*   16:34
Paris Nord Eurostar  14:40
London Waterloo Int.*  16:27
London Waterloo Int.  14:13
Bruxelles-Midi Eurostar* 17:34
Bruxelles-Midi   11:25
Amsterdam Centraal*  14:06
Amsterdam Centraal  10:57
Berlin Hbf (tief)*  17:12
Berlin Hbf (tief)  08:46
Wien Südbahnhof Bstg. 1-9* 18:03
Wien Westbahnhof  20:03
Arad (arr.)   04:30
Arad (dep.)   06:47
Cluj-Napoca   10:53

About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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