Generic Interfaces, Dotfuscator CE, VerificationException

Never do these together:
  • Add multiple (at least 2) overloaded methods, like in this code example:
    Check(IDictionary<KeyType1, ValueType>) {…}
    Check(IDictionary<KeyType2, ValueType>) {…}
  • Obfuscate your generated assembly with the Dotfuscator Community Edition from Visual Studio 2005
  • Host a Windows Forms control from the obfuscated assembly in Internet Explorer.

Doing all those, you will have a very hard time debugging a VerificationException that will occur because Dotfuscator CE has a bug! It doesn’t treat well the overloaded methods, and generate incorrect MSIL code! To verify, you could use PeVerify tool from .NET Framework SDK. It will tell you that there is an error in the obfuscated DLL (although if you run the same test against your original DLL, the one before obfucation you don’t find any error).

Hope it helps someone!


About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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