Vista to Mozilla Offer

From newsletter (08/26/2006):
Here’s a heart-warming story. This week, the head of Microsoft’s Open
Source Software Lab (yeah, Microsoft has one) invited representatives
from Mozilla Corporation to come to Redmond to test future versions of
the Mozilla Firefox Web browser on Vista. Sam Ramji, who runs the lab,
says he has set aside space in his lab so that Mozilla can ensure that
Firefox and other products, such as the Thunderbird email application,
run as well as possible on Vista. "We provide secure office space for
four people, hardware, VPN access, and one-on-one access to product
team developers and support staff," Ramji wrote in a note to Mozilla’s
development planning discussion group. "I’m committed to evolving our
thinking beyond commercial companies to include open-source projects."
Mozilla representatives say they’re following up with Microsoft via
email. Awwww…

About Sorin Dolha

My passion is software development, but I also like physics.
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