Surface 1: 0-0-0 black becomes green

I recently started to see a very awkward issue repeated with my Surface 1 on Windows RT (not often, but still more than a couple of times already): sometimes it suddenly displays all pure black pixels (those with RGB 0-0-0 only!) as green. Note that partially colored pixels are not greenized the same way (e.g. 255-0-255 still displays magenta correctly, and 1-0-0 or 1-1-1 still display almost black color).

Restarting or shutting down and starting the device again doesn’t seem to help or helps only after trying several times. But once I saw the problem has been resolved at random, while the Surface splash screen text was displayed (first on green, then immediately on black, while it was still loading), and another time while I was already logged on.

After some time I haven’t seen the problem for a while so I thought it was resolved by an update. But it repeated today for about 5 minutes (3 restarts tried). Now it again seems solved and unrepeatable…

I find this very strange. Has anyone else found the same behavior?

Update: I reproduced the issue for a longer time. This time I managed to find strange lines drawn on some screens.

Update 2: I got the issue a few times more, and these times more persistent. I finally managed to get it solved by going to Settings, Update and Recovery, Recover advanced settings, Command Prompt (safe debugging mode). When Command prompt appeared I used “color 2f” command and similar calls to test colors. Surprise: they all worked fine! Then I restarted normally and now black is black again. Let’s see if this is temporary or permanent…

Update 3: It took 3 days to get the issue appearing again. This time the previous trick didn’t work. It must be something wrong with the hardware controller or with its software driver.

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Back to artists?

I told you so. After the Modern UI era, artists are going to be re-employed! UI has recently changed and (although not entirely) it looks like old style again. 90’s fashion comes back, unfortunately! We’ll soon have again corner rounding requirements heavy drawing, etc. Now that I’ve just got used and started to like the new way, which allowed me to work as a full UI developer with no need for an artist around me. Oh well… :-)

OneDrive UI

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Tablets and Mini PCs are dead

I knew it before: tablets were (only) fashion. But then I started to think I was wrong, as I have saw so many people (both consumers and business users) with such devices in their hands. (I even purchased a Surface™ myself – which is still amazing, and I still use it – but not as often as I originally thought I would.) Now I believe I was wrong when I said I was wrong: small and large screens seem to eventually be the only ones that matter as I don’t see people with tablets anymore (or not so often).

But there’s another story to link here. Recently I’ve seen a new type of PCs on the market – more or less powerful processing units with fast yet large enough SSD storage, marketed as Mini PCs. Wow, I said at first… But then I saw this: processing power and storage units seem to have become small enough so that phones will eventually replace Mini PCs completely when they are docked to large screens and when keyboards and pointing devices are connected to them. (At least when they get powered by Microsoft’s Windows® 10.)

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Thumb.Drag events are not raised in Silverlight™ custom control unless…

Ever tried to create a custom control for customizing the behavior of a Thumb object? It may not be as easy as expected. The first issue is that the Thumb class is sealed in Silverlight™ so there you cannot inherit your custom control from there. Instead you need to define a custom control and reuse a Thumb instance inside its template.

<ControlTemplate TargetType=”local:CustomThumb”>
   <Thumb x:Name=”PART_Thumb” Cursor=”Hand”>

In code behind, of course, you find the actual Thumb object and attach DragStarted, DragDelta, and DragCompleted event handlers:

public override void OnApplyTemplate()
thumb = GetTemplateChild(“Thumb”) as Thumb;
thumb.DragStarted += Thumb_DragStarted;

The code compiles and builds just fine, but then you get a second issue: in Silverlight™ you’d soon find out that the event handlers are never raised, although you can confirm the Thumb is there! This is not required in WPF, but to resolve the issue in Silverlight™ you’d need to add a root panel to host the Thumb object!

<ControlTemplate TargetType=”local:CustomThumb”>
     <Thumb x:Name=”PART_Thumb” Cursor=”Hand”>

I hope it would help somebody, someday…

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Raspuns corect

Cum poate raspunde un ateu sau agnostic daca un crestin ortodox il saluta traditional “Hristos a inviat!”?

Consider ca raspunsul trebuie sa fie unul care sa nu-l faca sa se simta prost pe niciunul dintre cei doi:

  • Nu “Fals c-a-nviat” cum raspundeam eu pe la 14 ani si nici glume de genul “Aoleu, un zombi printre noi!?”;
  • Daca poate trece peste intelesul religios al cuvintelor, spunandu-le doar ca parte a unei traditii, de ce nu, “Adevarat, a-nviat” (eu nu pot insa, simt ca mi se opreste vorba in gat);
  • Altfel, printr-o urare neutra precum “Buna ziua”, care indica faptul ca s-a inteles ca e vorba de salut si ofera respectul cuvenit fata de persoana si religia respectiva, fara a afecta insa nici constiinta ateului.

Actualizare: Un raspuns ca “Sarbatori fericite si tie!” (mersi Tania pt. idee) e mai personal decat cel generic propus de mine, si indica si faptul ca se accepta existenta unei sarbatori. Intr-adevar, ateii pot sarbatori impreuna cu religiosii, cel putin faptul ca au zi libera de la stat. Dar urarea aceasta merge doar in primele zile, iar enuntul invierii se repeta uneori saptamani intregi dupa!… :-)

Ramane de discutat insa ce poate spune un ateu sensibil care ciocneste un ou, ca obicei, in ziua de Paste si i se adreseaza aceleasi cuvinte. Eu prefer in acest context sa nu raspund, ciocnirea efectuandu-se totusi si discutand apoi imediat despre oul a carui coaja a crapat… Dar asta doar daca nu pot evita ciocnirea oualor cu totul, pentru ca si tacerea aceea scurta mi se pare ca poate fi interpretata, daca persoana e mai cu capsa pusa, ca un afront adus religiei sale si chiar nu vreau sa simta asta, asa cum nici eu nu vreau sa simt vreo rautate din partea unui teist cand afla ca sunt ateu!

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Judecarea parlamentarilor

Nu mi se pare ca nu se pot judeca parlamentarii. Doar pentru perchezitionare, retinere si arestare e nevoie de incuviintarea camerei din care fac parte. Nu si pentru urmarirea penala si trimiterea lor in judecata!

Incunviintarea pentru cele trei operatiuni e necesara ca masura anti-abuz din partea procurorilor. Personal nu cred ca ofera cine stie ce imunitate alesilor.

Sigur, unii vor vota anti-arestare fara sa studieze probele procurorilor si indiferent de discursul parlamentarului in cauza, gandindu-se ca poate va veni si vremea lor odata, iar “ce tie nu-ti place…” Pe aceia nu trebuia sa-i fi ales si nu trebuie sa-i realegem.

Dar, intr-adevar, Constitutia primeaza in fata oricarei legi si oricarui regulament si incuviintarea trebuie considerata aprobata daca e votata de jumatate plus unu dintre cei prezenti, nu doar cu majoritate absoluta cum sustin unii. Asadar, sa protestam si sa cerem respectarea Constitutiei la nivelul conducerii camerelor parlamentare si nu anti-pseudo imunitate!

Si nu trebuie sa executam neaparat comenzile unei ambasade sau ale alteia, e tara noastra. (Dar putem asculta parerea tuturor.)

In fine insa, e bine ca exista orice fel de proteste, indiferent de subiect. Go, go, go!

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Registering blog for publishing with Word 2013: cannot register account issue

Although it worked well in 2014, I tested blogging with Word again this year and I was surprised that it initially refused to register my WordPress blog account for publishing with a generic error. Most information on the Web related to this type of issue suggested to enable XML-RPC protocol for the blog, but in my case it was already enabled.

The solution that I eventually found was way simpler: I had to use HTTPs instead of HTTP for the URL of the blog. And that was all!

The prompt for WordPress registering is something like: http://<Enter-the-URL-of-the-blog-here>/xmlrpc.php. And it doesn’t work anymore, unless you update it to:

Microsoft should really update the Blog Registering dialog window in a next patch (to be delivered as soon as possible) to inject HTTPS protocol by default in that textbox!

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