După 2.0 ani

Azi se împlinesc 2 (doi) ani de când n-am mai postat nimic referitor la noutățile din politica românească decât, cel mult, tangențial. Pentru că așa (mi-)am promis atunci. Era, după părerea mea – și mi s-a demonstrat – efort în van.

Se pare însă că azi trebuie să fac o nouă promisiune: nu voi vota niciodată cu o alianță creștin-liberală chiar și dacă numai din motive filosofice: aceste două concepte nu merg nicicum unul cu celălalt. Și-mi voi menține părerea chiar și dacă voi dori să votez împotriva social-democrației post PCR-iste. (Aici am putea deschide, de asemenea, o discuție complementară despre rădăcinile “creștiniilor” PDL-iști – dar cred că iarăși ar fi un efort nenecesar…)

Până când PNL și România nu-și revin, voi vota doar nul, împotriva tuturor: acasă toți!

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Syncing Internet Explorer Favorites between Windows 8 Devices

You probably know that (unless you don’t manually turn syncing app settings off), Internet Explorer favorites are syncing automatically between your Windows 8 and 8.1 devices (provided that you login using the same Microsoft account).

However, at work, I usually use the hibernation feature of the computer, and I virtually never log off my account for long times (even when I need to restart the computer due to updates or issues, I usually login back afterwards). This help me start working very fast in the morning, having Windows and all my applications (usually many Visual Studio instances) loaded in a few minutes (i.e. restored as they were before hibernating).

While this is great for fast morning start, it seems this is not good for OneDrive setting synchronization (or at least for Internet Explorer favorites). Actually, I found out from my own experience that saving new favorites to OneDrive settings bank actually occurs when you log out from your system, but only if the account is not logged on on another device (including hibernated ones!)

So, if I add favorites from my work station (it’s actually a notebook, that’s why I put a space between “work” and “station”) they are saved to OneDrive only when I restart the computer (as I don’t usually sign out otherwise), and therefore I don’t see them on my tablet at home until then. OK, I try to live with that, since there are important updates that require restart anyways at least once or twice a month.

But if I add favorites from my tablet, I couldn’t see them on my work machine at all, unless I do these very inconvenient steps:

  • restore the notebook from hibernation (with my account log in);
  • log out from the notebook;
  • log in on the tablet;
  • log out from the tablet;
  • log in back on the notebook.

Microsoft team should do some further work and resolve this, as this is not live synchronization, and while they don’t use Windows Live name anymore, the concept has been preserved!

Update: It seems the issue is now (at least partially) resolved; if I waited a long time (days), new favorites got synchronized from the tablet to the notebook without having both of them logged off at the same time. I don’t know if before there was just a deadlock that didn’t occur this time, or they really fixed something in the meantime.

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Sugestie pentru autorii de software development components care vor să scrie cod o singură dată și apoi să-l publice cu suport multi-platformă și să fie totodată în tendințe:

  1. Dezvoltați nucleul utilizând JavaScript® și HTML5, cu evenimente suficiente pentru determinarea (și tratarea) modificărilor datelor; acesta va fi automat utilizabil direct din:
    • aplicații ASP .NET MVC, inclusiv de tip single page;
    • Windows® Store apps bazate pe JavaScript®
    • aplicații LightSwitch® HTML;
  2. Creați apoi wrapper components pentru toate celelalte platforme dorite, de ex.:
    • pentru ASP .NET, generând HTML+JavaScript și înregistrând modificările pe evenimentele din API-ul nucleului și transmițându-le la server la post back;
    • pentru WinRT, injectând codul HTML+JavaScript într-un control WebView și comunicând cu InvokeScript și ScriptNotify event;
    • pentru WPF (.NET) și automat Windows® Forms integration, utilizând WebBrowser și comunicând cu InvokeScript și window.external object;
    • sau chiar și pentru Silverlight™, reutilizându-se parțial codul sursă WPF și cu #ifdef-uri, după cum e necesar.
  3. Atenție la:
    1. performanță;
    2. touching behavior: în WebView-like components, evenimentele de atingere sunt executate (cel puțin deocamdată) pe host side (WinRT), și nu pasate către JavaScript® în mod automat; dar – în funcție de necesități – se pot face și pe partea aceasta wrappere de comunicație cu ceva muncă în plus.

Spor la treabă!

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When WSReset doesn’t resolve Store Broker issues

What do you do when WSReset.exe (called either as a direct command or from Microsoft’s Apps troubleshooter) doesn’t solve your Windows Store or Store Broker service issue in Winodws 8/8.1?

In my case, Store app didn’t open, WSReset.exe temporarily allowed it to start only to get an empty white screen and no UI responsiveness, while Service Broker service was reported by Task Manager as using around 90% of CPU.

To resolve the problem the solution (found on Microsoft Answers Web site) was simple yet obscure:

  • Stop Store app and Store Broker service processes from Task Manager;
  • Rename Cache folder to Cache.old within %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Packages\WinStore_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState (%UserProfile% path prefix is usually C:\Users\{Username});
  • Create a replacement (new, empty) Cache folder inside LocalState parent;
  • Restart Windows Store app.
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Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection Save Credentials not working

Sorin Dolha:


Originally posted on Naveen S Nayak's Blog:

Trying to connect from Windows 7 to a Remote Windows 2008 Server via Remote Desktop Connection

I always used to be asked for credentials during logon – even though i saved my credentials

This error would creep up

Your system administrator does not allow the use of saved credentials to logon to the remote computer 
computername/ipadress because its identity is not fully verified. Please enter new credentials.
The logon attempt failed

There is no-trust-relationship when connecting 2 computers from different domains. Windows uses NTLM in this case and the default domain machine policy does not allow use of saved credentials.

To Do:

  • On your local machine Open Windows command prompt type: gpedit.msc -> Press Enter -> a new window will popout
  • Go to Local Computer Policy –> Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System –> Credentials Delegation
  • Double Click on “Allow Delegating Saved Credentials with NTLM-only Server Authentication

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Resolved: sometimes ITunes for Windows leaves songs in Downloads folder

Sometimes ITunes app for Windows leaves some songs in the iTunes Media/Downloads folder instead of moving them to the appropriate location within iTunes Media/Music (for me it seems to happen randomly, about 1 of 3 times).

To resolve the glitch it’s not enough to right click the song and consolidate files. Nor you can simply use Windows Explorer to move the song from one folder to another as this might break the connection between the song file and the store (ITunes won’t remember that the song was actually purchased) and/or song information is missing from inside the file (this is useful if you use other software to play your songs).

To resolve the issue, I found a workaround tough: go to Preferences window (using Alt+E to open the Edit menu) in ITunes app, uncheck the checkbox for maintaining the iTunes Media folder organized, and click OK, then go to Preferences window again and check it back. Upon selecting OK one more time, you’ll get your files moved to their correct destination folders and internally populated with the required information.

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Outlook hierarchy keeps collapsing

imageI still use Outlook 2007 on my notebook. And I group my Inbox messages based on priority (mostly because our internal system uses this field to internally delivery support inquiries).

Sometimes I accidentally click the group expansion/collapsing toggle button and the messages from that group get hidden. Of course, I can re-show them if I click the button again. But it gets weirder than that:

imageIf after such a group collapsing/re-expanding I delete or move all messages in that group to other folders and eventually close the Outlook application, the next time I come back and there are newer messages to be shown for the same group, it gets loaded as collapsed (although it was left as expanded).

It took me some time to find a workaround for this apparently minor issue (actually it is kinda annoying): as soon as you inadvertently collapse a node, instead of re-expanding it (or after that), right click the group header and select Expand all (“Extindere totală” in my localized Office). Believe it or not, that will do the trick!

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